Ashley Mchan



I help people find a sense of contentment in life, more ease and greater satisfaction in their day to day. I want to help you feel better about yourself and your life.

As an eating disorder + trauma therapist, much of my work is aimed at helping my clients understand the patterns that they are stuck in in life, the ways that they have learned to cope that are no longer working for them and to help them find a way out, a way back to their true self, and a path to a more fulfilling life.

Each day I work with people who, despite their motivation and best efforts, still struggle.  We all have moments like these and often we get more caught up in self-criticism than self-motivation. This leads to more unhealthy, unproductive, unhelpful coping. I have been there. This is why I am here, doing this work now. The experience and understanding I have gained through training and the learning and practice of therapeutic skills gained in the past 12 years have helped me to make big changes in my own life and in turn to support others in healing, changing + moving forward.

How is this done? In our work together there will be no judgment, you’ll learn to challenge self-defeating beliefs and the patterns in thought and behavior that are keeping you tied to old ways of being. You will gain clarity and learn to overcome the distractions that take you off your path. With room to contain your fears, concerns and experiences, you can process less and find new ways to attain awareness and make progress. We will also laugh, often.

See your experience through a new lens, taking a lighthearted, compassionate approach.

Through this work, you will develop new skills to manage stress and build resilience and confidence in yourself and your ability to manage the challenges you are up against. I have seen that people heal when they engaged not only mentally, but physically and emotionally. Approaching your needs through mindfulness, yoga and therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Hypnotherapy, we will gain new understanding that will help you to move through life with more ease.

Become more awake, aware and capable of the change you want to see. Heal your relationship with yourself and others. This is hard work! Don’t go it alone.

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